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Me and Bi-Friend P1of6 Her 1st time trying bi

追加 1 月 前

Her 1st bi experience; getting started nice and slow!

返答 :
Buckshot33 3 日 前
TxBiFemale 11 日 前
Thanks....we do have fun for sure!
gooner9 11 日 前
Wow, truly beautiful and so erotic. I love the gentle stroking and tender kissing, so so beautiful 
imbimi 12 日 前
Very sexy. Looks like you’re having a lot of fun.
TxBiFemale 15 日 前
thanks...and I know...wish it could be as good as all the vids you have posted of you and different women...wait, never mind, lol
sisyfos 16 日 前
pretty women, pity that the quality of the video was so bad
TxBiFemale 28 日 前
thanks...we have fun
jakew51 29 日 前
Fuck, that's hot!! Such a turn on to watch two average (which is not to say unattractive!) women playing with each other!
jc29223 1 月 前
That's magical!
TxBiFemale 1 月 前
Thanks...and getting the others posted as the site allows
jrinbendor 1 月 前
Would love to see more!
jahbonz 1 月 前
when will you post more of these?
jonathansmoothdick 1 月 前
so fun to watch
tedxXx77140 1 月 前
Great first time it's very sensual i like that !
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