Husband records wifes motel fuck with BBC.

発行者 2ヶ月前

Husband records wife's motel fuck with her black lover, it's been awhile..

Fuckpigsexposed 17日前
You guys feelin faggy fresh? Lol
gormas1 1ヶ月前
Sexy slut
toulouse31300 2ヶ月前
A Toulouse J adore sucer a fond et me faire bz a 4 pattes pendant que tu mate un film de q hétéro sur ma télé.


pour mec de 18 a 30ans rebeu arabe black portos...

Gratuit pour le plaisir 
lokopormaduras 2ヶ月前
I like how she sucks the black balls
blackbiker75 2ヶ月前
She would be fun to fuck, she went wild over his BBC. The camera girl needs some BBC also.
sex4pleasurenfun 2ヶ月前
probably her son
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HNG5252 2ヶ月前
She's fucking CUTE and her pussy took a good hard fucking ;)
bigdiggaraw 2ヶ月前
I like that she knew to wear black stockings. All BBC sluts should wearing stockings or pantyhose!!!
bigdiggaraw 2ヶ月前
You should go create said website and get the fuck out of here!
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bigdiggaraw 2ヶ月前
I agree!!!
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9wood 2ヶ月前
proberly her bf or husband this eric
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vicarious2014 2ヶ月前
Clearly, the husband isn't recording.  The other girl is, with a camera and her phone.  And, based on the crappy resolution, it's probably a few years old.  The question I have is the ending.  Someone knocks on the door, the other girl asks who it is, a male voice says "It's Eric" and the chick riding the black guy freaks out, yells "No! Not Eric!" and jumps off.   I want to know what happened.  Was Eric the husband?  The boyfriend?  Is there more to the tape?   

Probably too much to ask on a site devoted to jacking off, but I'd love to see more accurate video titles and descriptions or at least less inaccurate ones.  And more of the actual story in the description---which the stuff actually posted by the people who shot it could and should have.
tvsarahyours 2ヶ月前
the camera girl gets in the way ! ha ha ha ha
mrporn1 2ヶ月前
husband recording? whos the other girl
iggy12344 2ヶ月前
No CIM while giving HEAD.
No cum in CUNT while getting fucked
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stefhavre43 2ヶ月前
I would do him
MFcpl4cum 2ヶ月前
We white folks need a website not run by  The Subversive 12. This is our trash debasing themselves with beasts of the field.
If you don't get the reference, you're probably interested in this kind of thing;.
horneyeurocouple 2ヶ月前
I would love to record mine .