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発行者 5年前
zitozito81 4ヶ月前
big black balls slapping white pussy. the best.
timmyy 9ヶ月前
She's so hot
SouthernStyle89 1年前
gip1279 1年前
WifeInTraining 2年前
My whorewife and I love this vintage vid we just saw first time today, a good sexy mature wife wearing her slut heels and sucking then fucking for dirty talking black who creams her cunt at end, perfect and just as nature intended
queef01 2年前
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MilesNJ 3年前
Black Marq was the original "shit talker". He always talked shit to those women while he fucked them. He talked to them like he was doing them a favor. She rocked Marq at the end though.
ladyacton 3年前
just love watchim him fuck
Genius68 3年前
swallowurload 3年前
thats probably the biggest cock I have ever seen
fcukitin 4年前
bet shes had more black cock and kids then white
toobigtofit 4年前
Honey are you sure you want me to do this? Yes! Okay!!!
Genius68 4年前
Nice interracial sex !
lozo3 4年前
SO hot seeing a pretty, well-made-up white wife slut used as a cum dump by an anonymous black homeless guy. And there's no doubt this one got pregnant from his seed.
pal694u 4年前
I see a distorted picture. Am I the only one? Why?
gally123 4年前
Can we see more of Samantha???????
boomboomer911 5年前
Oh my gosh! My married pussy is dripping wet watching this!
Perfect abuse of a white pussy!! he really stretched her and she loved it..I wish somebody would fuck my ass like that,,,lovely cock!!
Ladymary 5年前
Nice tool, I'm wet.....
groperwife 5年前
the black guy screamed like a gril when he loaded at the end
cuckn 5年前
Damn! He owns her ass!
berrywikkel 5年前
gasoffice 5年前
Pussy FARTS in Doggystyle! Speaking Pussy QUEEF! JA JA JA Sound Funny!
pyramids 5年前
That's how u fuck a pussy! Job well done!!!!!
Fredlake 5年前
Untagged Creampie Confirmed!
firball5 5年前
I would appreciate cameramen keeping their mouths shut and let the action speak for itself!
treaploc53 5年前
I got so hard, masturbating to her long blonde hair.
rbaker2013 5年前
He is depraved. My wife corresponded with him back in the 90s which was hot. They would exchange pictures and letters.
hotuls 5年前
this is how white pussy is serviced
blkdksuckr 5年前
Black Marq of 9X7 Productions with Samantha circa 1989. According to Marq she no longer makes videos. The last one I saw of them was from 1996.
Samantha's boyfriend camera manned a number of Marq's videos.