Got fired? Sell your GF and buy food!

発行者 7年前

Kolya got fired and now he and his girlfriend don't even have the money to buy groceries. He heard about this rich dude who pays for fucking other guys' girlfriends and wives and wants them to watch it. His girlfriend agreed to take part in this sex adventure and a few hours later her lips were caressing this money bag's cock. Kolya was really unhappy about it especially when his girlfriend began to actually enjoy it, but all he could do was close his eyes and listen to his girlfriend's moans so.

Lodiritter 1年前
Gimme moooree
Nett_Er 1年前
so sexy, i love it!
yakitty 1年前
hell YEAH
Pandinus_imp 2年前
Funny lol
serbiskslyna 4年前
i like this :)
HookerNailz 4年前
It's a pity the blonde guy didn't fuck her. He's cuter. ^^
Although it's a porn, it's sad, if someone has to sell their children/gfs etc. to get food. But I don't think, this is the right website to talk about political correctness. lol
rynaldo 4年前
the guys shuold have tossed the bitch and did each other
johas2 4年前
She is so pretty!
ts-maya 5年前
yah nice
MrsRobinson 6年前
i so do love those young russian boys
niceguy67 6年前
i would pay for her 200 euros to fuck her
bigbabybowser 6年前
Did he hand her a 20? That's cheaper than the hos on my block. gotta get me in that business
Herculez23 6年前
Next time they should chose a guy with a big cock, so she could get fucked
Dirtydogscouple 6年前
Easten block!! She's to hot to live there what a waste of a stunning young woman. Life will offer her nothing there. She can live with us and we'll feed her lol
couple2724 6年前
sell a fucking PC :D
zibboy 6年前
it looks fake :)
lullo86 7年前
Why don't they just organize a gangbang? Fuck 15 guys in an hour: Food for the rest of the year :-)
done this with my wife
moonin 7年前
this is a bad porn scenario !
raypilates 7年前
She has an incredible body !
Krobelus 7年前
I find it funny that someone was actually in a porno and didn't have sex. Even the pizza guy in pornos have sex.

Poor bastard.
steelpapi 7年前
I got a 5 spot for next, lol
mikeyncl 7年前
lmao, nice haha
Tanja90 7年前
why not!
1011mmm 7年前
buy something to eat. take it, you earn it. haha
Gold_leaf 7年前
thats crazy
moschte77 7年前
sehr geil!
sebasti1987 7年前
Cool wenn jemand schnell geld braucht ich bin bereit :-)
mike3041 7年前
Pink-One 7年前
hot video! i love it!

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