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Her name is Nora not Lenka
Gerard123 2年前
Here you are. The very first one ever made. Enjoy!
Gerard123 2年前
As for this video, a brilliant piece of plumper/big tit porn for sure. She was curvy and gagging for cock. What's not to like?
Gerard123 2年前
Looks as though this particular scene was from the series NATURAL WONDERS OF THE WORLD which features very beautiful full-breasted women enjoying stiff cocks. If you've never seen that series, you should. It's arguably some of the best big tit porn out there.
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Thanks again, user named MatureWomenTheBest !!!
Love the scene of her cunt getting penis pumped, underwater.
How is that possible? Every time I have tried that, the girl complains that the water washes out her lube, and thrusting starts to hurt! Did this couple use some kind of waterproof lube? Or did this couple stop every minute or so, to squirt a big load of extra lubrication into her cunt? And those scenes were cut out of the final video?
Can anyone share an opinion? ...guess? ...actual experience?
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Thanks again, user named MatureWomenTheBest !!! The girl in this video is a buxom beauty! And so erotically vocal, especially in doggie position. I love that!

Hey Jarhed! Why doncha' like her sexy corset? I just love her corset. Dunno why. Just my fetish. (Could be, she's hidin' stretch marks, scars, or objectionable tattoos that ID her.) For me, the appeal might possibly be that despite the extensive coverage of her corset, her magnificent boobs spill over the top, and her vulva and derrière remain completely exposed and accessible. That's fascinating, Captain! LOL! Or mebbee I was just imprinted upon (brainwashed) during my boyhood, during the Eisenhower administration, when old-fashioned foundation garments were the fashion.

At 9 minutes, love the underwater view of her gettin' impaled! At 11 minutes, love the underwater views of her pink tipped, floating breasts, as they jiggle, bounce, and rebound, in reaction to his thrusting.

Love the underwater scene of her cunt getting pumped, underwater. How is that possible? Every time I have tried that, the girl complains that the water washes out her lube, and it hurts! Is this couple usin' some kind of waterproof lube? Can anyone share?

And at 17 minutes, she makes his semen spurt out into the water... in cloudy jets, like a mating male salmon. (When I have done that, the girl is appalled! I wonder why.) And the coagulating spunk floats and swirls around, driven by the currents of the pool filtration system. HAWTT! Wonder if any of his boys (or girls) find her underwater grotto? LOL! Or do they all get sucked up into the diatomaceous earth? :-( He deserves a chance a fatherhood. LOL! Let's hope for a girl... or twin girls. She really ought to try to produce lots of daughters! We need 'em! LOL!

Thanks again, user named MatureWomenTheBest !!!

Everyone else, please share your thoughts!
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