He sits on the couch in the living room, legs pulled up comfortably. Wearing nothing but his boxers and his jeans, bare foot and topless. Browsing through the movies on the pay per view channel. Looki...
The Underground
He holds the door open for her, and he smacks her buttocks playfully as she walks by him. They’re leaving the bar where they just had a few drinks. She giggles as she felt his hand touching her buttoc...
Twin Souls
As he enters their bedroom, he stands still in the door opening. He wears nothing but his boxers. It's dark outside, the lights are off. But he can see her quiet naked form in the pale moonlight. Just...
He walks into the room to her, approaching her from behind, silently. She didn't notice him coming towards her, and jumps slightly as he wraps his arms around her from behind. He smiles, and softly ki...
It’s a nice warm summer afternoon, and he slowly walks from the house down to their camper. Wearing nothing but his leather pants and boots. He sees her in the distance near the river bank, and decide...
Classy Cumslut Kate (Part 3).
...I reached under Sonia's swollen tummy (she was seven months pregnant) and I began to furiously rub her clit with one finger and simultaneously, I slid the middle finger of my other hand into her...
My Husbands friend
Marco was only supposed to stay a couple of weeks. He is a friend of Mike’s from his old school
days. Marco is French and comes to England every now and then to see mike. They both take it in
turns, w...
[FM] Caught masturbating naked and fucked by my ro
Freshman year of college, I lived in a dorm with 4 girls. There were 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom that we all shared. I had gotten pretty close with all the people I lived with so at a certain point I wo...
Wife at the office
Mrs at the office,
Well with warm weather of late. I had been asking the Mrs C to wear skirts to work as I know she loves the attention from guys. I kept joking as well about not wearing knickers. B...
Helen's view
This is the story of Helen’s black man experience s I have pieced it together from what she has told me.
We had been fantasising about Mike for a few weeks before he arrived. When she met him she h...
Slutty night out with the Mrs
It had been a few months since the Mrs and I had been out having fun.
So we decided that we would go out Friday night to let off some steam.
All week we had been sexting each other. So by the time F...
Uncle Eddie Vol. 6
Hi, my name’s Sarah and I’m about to share with you guys what happened with me in the last week.
My family left me when I was 10 years old, after that, a guy named Eddie Found me and is taking care...