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The Replacement Maid Ch.07.
Jane and I settled ourselves into the two sofas opposite each other.
“That was a superb lunch, Christine. So simple and yet so pretty and very tasty. I can see you’ll be sad to lose her.”
“Very true...
Your wife tries black cock
Laura and her husband had been enjoying a bit of a renaissance in their sex life, going out more and trying out new things. It was on one of their date nights that you admitted to Luara that it turned...
The Paramount Rule - Book I (Chapters 1-3) Femdom
The Paramount Rule – Book I
By Tanya Simmonds
This novel is written in British syntax (British spellings) and the complete novel is available FREE on Amazon. Always include the words '...
Mrs. Silva
I first met Mrs. Silva in Jan 1999, I had just turned 18 and out walking my dog. I noticed a moving truck was in the neighborhood, saw two young men moving furniture and an older buxom lady giving the...
Me atan y amordazan por segunda vez
Esta es la continuación de mi primer relato, así que si no lo habéis leído, pues corriendo a verlo! Jajaja
Después de un mes de aquel día no podía parar de pensar en lo mucho que me gustó estar tan a...
Fucking my friends BBW wife - Part 6
The Finale...
We both cleaned up after our last fuck, we were a mess, but we were having a blast. After we showered and dressed, I offered to take Linda out for dinner. She was concerned about bein...
Taken By Two Boys
im and Jeff had hated Billy for the longest time. Ever since grade school they looked down on him with nothing but scorn and envy. They were both bitter, hormonal teenagers, 18 and angry at the world....
Me atan y amordazan por primera vez
Un día a eso de las 10 de la mañana estaba tranquilamente en mi casa entretenida haciendo las tareas del hogar cuando de repente escuché como que un cristal de la casa se rompía y no le di más importa...
A fantasy, part 7/end.
You leaned forward, still with my dick deep in your ass. Your tits against my chest....breathing, biting my found my ear with your mouth...sucked on it....started to move, rocked...
Wife tricked into becoming a sex slave - part 2
Wife's journey to becoming a sex toy - part 2

Illusion of choice

Monday mid-morning..........and Sally has just had her first extra marital fuck since being married years ago (se...
Sons and mother,so hot, for long masturbation
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Home run 2
After the game she greeted me outside of the dugout before I hit the showers. She gave me a hug and congratulated me on the win. I said that I'm happy we won, but I played like shit. She then embarras...
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