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It was one of those cold winter evenings and I was alone, Rob was away for 2 weeks on business, I missed him so much. I grabbed a TV dinner and a glass of wine and curled up on the settee, there was t...
A Happy School Life
"So Heartbreak Jo it comes to this!" Bulletproof Billy said to me narrowing his eye as he flexed his hand next to his holstered colt.

"You're reign of terror over this town is done! You're gang is...
Indian widow Mother's Hero
Madhav had been away at college for nine months, as it was his final year of engineering education at IIT Delhi. During this time, his mother used to call him almost daily on his Reliance mobile phone...
Cockatoo Part 13
Cockatoo Part 13
How long I was out for I couldn't tell, but it couldn't have been very
long. I came round to find myself lying on top of Nin with my ears
ringing and the acrid taste of smoke m...
First time stallion continued – A Black stallion
First time stallion continued – A Black stallion
So it’s 22:30 and only around 15 minutes after the sharp exit of my Italian stallion. There I am still in the dark with the light of the bathroom se...
Fitting Room
I finish my coffee, daydreaming in the sunny window of the café when my phone vibrates into life on the table...
'UNKNOWN NUMBER'. Should I answer?


“Hi! Are you busy?” Your familia...
Bound and used
That night Dee and I watched a weird porn where the girls were in boxes like glory holes. So Dee bought one and put it in his apartment where he locked me in it. So I'm spread eagle with my feet in lo...
Asian Supermodel Fuck Toy
Victoria is an Asian supermodel. About 5'8. Thin with short black hair. Perky tits, nice ass, and long legs. She's world famous in magazines and billboards across the world. She is widely known as a d...
La sed (Thirst in English)
What happened to me at first did not surprise me. But now I'm worried, maybe I should see a psychoanalyst. The first time it happened to me, it was in adolescence. I remember th...
“Hi, how are you? My parents are away for the weekend, so I thought I would drop over and see how you were.”
“I’m great thanks, I am going out tonight with a friend, so help yourself to a drink as I...
Goimg it alone
I love to masturbate. The first time I touched myself I was hooked. I soon progressed from jerking off in the shower to cuming over the girls in Penthouse and Hustler.
All was well in my world. I ...
Found out by another classmate
I was playing in the woods as I always have done, it was a few weeks after my encounter with my three assailants. I saw a fellow class mate, I'll call him 'Al', he was not an intimidating guy but he s...
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