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wifey with BBC

追加 wendy52 9 日 前
返答 :
edger48 5 時間 前
Loved it--thanks!
mrluva 1 日 前
Wow never seen her with some one other than her husband! !!
QualityJack 1 日 前
This has been a very good move in my book. Liked/added - Thank you W and wendy52.
brianjen109 2 日 前
She loves spunk drink up girl nice
KnightUnderCover 2 日 前
I'm with you on that! I've also been jerking to her for years. And I also wish I could get My wife to fuck another man! So hot to finally see this lady with someone else, especially with a monster cock like this BBC! I wish My wife would fuck someone else and put a show on for me! Adding to my favorites with Thumbs Up. Love it!
返答: latinluva (コメントを表示する)
randydee 2 日 前
What! She is now fucking other guys than his hubby! Wow!!!!!
biggermakesmehard 2 日 前
so happy to see her finally getting some real bbc
sirrex 2 日 前
like to see hubby get involved more spit roast clean up ?
sockie19 3 日 前
wow one of my dream has become true !!! wifey with a black cock !!! amazing !!!
sirrex 3 日 前
good for them
threesum_luvr 4 日 前
AMAZING!!!!.....good to see her with some strange!
latinluva 4 日 前
Been jerkin off to her videos for many years now. I blew my load as soon as I saw her take that BBC in her pussy. Amazing, now if only I can get my wife to fuck another man.
pantycocks 4 日 前
Finally I see her going black and boy what a load too!!
Seedyone40 5 日 前
Wifey so enjoyed sucking a new cock.
wht4blk 5 日 前
I'm telling you. First the Cubs win the world series now wifey gets blackened
Both are miraculously rare, I hope she makes more she needs to feel like she got fucked for real
That pussy deserves the best of the BEST
ILoveMassiveTits 6 日 前
since 2003
返答: MrMilkBladders (コメントを表示する)
bassman30069 6 日 前
Never thought I'd see her with anyone but hubby
billmalone 6 日 前
After wanking her husband in slow motion the way he likes it for the last 20 years, she doesn't seem to be aware of any other way of having sex. Sometimes faster and a bit more urgent than 2 mph makes for a better film.
milfloverc67 6 日 前
Always a pleasure seeing wifey in action xx
tyfranklin1 7 日 前
I wanted to see this happen from the first time I saw her.
crazygeorge 7 日 前
Wow! She is gorgeous
MrMilkBladders 7 日 前
Is this brand new? I can't believe \|/|FEY did an actual Black Guy. How long has her husband been filming other men with hiis wife?
looking4thatsmile 8 日 前
What a white trashy nigga lover
foodguy812 8 日 前
Wow !! Perfect landing at the end :-)
9wood 8 日 前
been reposted a few times its missing a few minutes of start of it
small_weiner 8 日 前
dblacknhou 8 日 前
A have a soft spot...... and a HARD spot for Wendy
qualitygirl 8 日 前
Nice to see Wifey taking new cock. She is hot!
ratpackx 8 日 前
ILoveMassiveTits 9 日 前
Hubby has let wifey have sex with other men since 2003, now they're just releasing it
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