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Married couple invites a black man over

追加 Kla2504 1 月 前
返答 :
robundjen 13 日 前
nice fuck! love it!
uberuomo 28 日 前
mmmmm hot. would love to do this mmmmm
Wonkly 1 月 前
Green panties guy, loose the panties and get naked with your curvy wife and the black guy. Fuck her like you actually mean it, and since you are apparently into it, clean her use cunt up after the real guy is finished.
ThickDickRick 1 月 前
I wanna fuck this couple
Boheski 1 月 前
5pawsakademy 1 月 前
Exactly where love stopped
返答: janetgoth (コメントを表示する)
5pawsakademy 1 月 前
Bitch boy is so going to become à cocksucking faggot
Daddyoh28 1 月 前
Love this. My fantasy to watch my wife with another guy and the three of us play and cum without fear or boundaries. Hot vid
Open2all6969 1 月 前
Why would you say that? Pretty ignorant.
Open2all6969 1 月 前
It's free porn, get over it.
Open2all6969 1 月 前
It's role play fun.
返答: janetgoth (コメントを表示する)
Open2all6969 1 月 前
What's your point?
hot-shot 1 月 前
has to be black man ,of course ))
evets210 1 月 前
Another worthless faggot hubby. The only good thing he can do is let his wife take the BBC
babettevar 1 月 前
janetgoth 1 月 前
She doesn't think very highly of her husband, does she?
rkhd2003 1 月 前
one of the best cuck vids ever - this is for real
servetta 1 月 前
perfect couple!!!, but pussy clean up?
mikieboy 1 月 前
not too great seen alot better pic quality was poor
bicambguy 1 月 前
Thanks for the great hard on! Love her hot body, seeing hubby suck his cock and I would say she loved riding that BBC....great video! Thanks for sharing!
jeff5673 1 月 前
some wench from chicago - she hasn't made any new videos for years...probably overdosed lol
cuckdream 1 月 前
Great fuck. She's a real fun lady.

What does she say at 5:40??
voyer2u 1 月 前
Shes got the prettiest build on her!
Thongstud8 1 月 前
Loved the white guy's panties, older women love that...trust me
seantha1da 1 月 前
Who is she?
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